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Ÿ Home Teams
by Jim and Carol Plueddemann

Trevor and Ann are ficti-tious missionaries to Asia now on home assignment in Anywhere, USA. After three years of challenging culture learning and ministry, they've looked forward to returning to Christ Community Church (also fictitious) which sent them abroad as missionaries.

Ÿ In Praise of Long-term Missionaries
by Carol and Jim Plueddemann

We appreciate both short- and long-term workers, but the ratio between the two is far from balanced. American churches send out an estimated 1 million short-termers each year. Compare this to about 50,000 long-term missionaries our churches support. Should we be sending 95 percent of our missionaries as short-termers, but only five percent as long-termers?

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Articles in the
July 2004
issue include:

Lifting the Fatwa
Phil Parshall

Misunderstanding C5:
His Ways are Not

Our Orthodoxy

Joshua Massey

• Distractions on
the Path to

Lincoln Edwardson

What I Want in
a Missionary

John Richardson

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