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Perspective gives indepth background from Christian leaders on how international developments affect missions today

Ÿ Creativity: By Committee or Community?
by Caryn Pederson

A Mexican restaurant becomes popular in the Balkans. An aerobics program connects women in another part of this war-torn region. There are dreams of a plastic recycling program in Central Asia and a beauty salon in the Middle East. Each of these are creative opportunities to begin church-planting movements.

Ÿ Educational Needs in a Diverse Missions Community
by Karen Wrobbel

Imagine that you and your spouse are missionaries who have just moved overseas with your school-aged children to minister in Scubdon (a fictitious country). You need to enroll Johnny in school, so you go to the international Christian (or "MK"-missionary kid) school. Classes there, however, are taught in Jakelimon, a (fictitious) language read in the opposite direction with an alphabet that looks to you like it's made of random squiggles. Most students and teachers are from Jakelimo (not your home or host country), and the curriculum and teaching materials are in Jakelimon.

Ÿ Cents or Nonsense? The argument for national workers versus foreign missionaries
by Sharon Mumper

No support-raising cost, no time in language learning, no furlough, salary a fraction of a Western missionary’s. See how much more economical it is to support a national, rather than a missionary. So goes a prime argument for moving away from sending foreign missionaries toward supporting national workers.

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